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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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3 Subtle Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

You might imagine that the signs that you’re ready to replace your air conditioner are pretty straightforward, but when it’s actually time to replace your air conditioner the signs can be a little unclear. That’s why we’re here though. We’ve compiled all the best signs that homeowners tend to overlook in their home.

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It’s Time to Give It Up If…

Here are a few subtle signs that your air conditioner might be ready to go:

#1. You’re Repairing Your AC Unit All the Time

Okay, we know you’re probably thinking, “How is this a subtle sign?” Well, homeowners think of their repair services as something of a routine service. It’s easy for this task to become so much of a mundane occurrence to the point that you don’t even think about how often you’re doing it.

If you’re repairing your air conditioner every single summer then it’s time to give it up. If you’re spending lots of money on your repair services each year, it’s time for you to upgrade. You might think that it’s more cost-effective for you to just keep repairing indefinitely but, in reality, it’s better for your wallet to just face the situation and purchase a new AC system. We can help you find the right system and even help you finance it. Contact our team.

#2. You’re Paying Way Too Much for Your AC

Do you shy away from turning on your air conditioning system even when you’re hot because of the cost of your cooling bills? You should never have to choose between your home comfort and your wallet. We can help you keep both happy. The first step toward achieving cost-effective cooling is updating your air conditioning system. You can’t expect an out of date, defunct system to ever measure up to the innovative technology and efficiency of a brand new AC system. We can help you assess your personal needs and calculate the cooling load of your home so that we can match you with the perfect AC system.

#3. Your Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

This heading might be another one that makes you scratch your head and go, “I thought this article was about subtle signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioner.” It is! The thing about your air conditioner blowing warm air is that you probably won’t realize it’s happening. The air is coming out warm—not scalding hot. It’s not like you’re holding your hand up to your air registers for sport. A lot of homeowners just think that they should lower the temperature on their thermostat or run their air conditioning system for a little longer when the actual culprit is the temperature of your air. Contact our team. We’ll pinpoint the problem and help you take the appropriate next steps.  

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