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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Finding the Right New AC For You

Being a homeowner comes with the responsibility to make difficult decisions. It is no secret that investing in your home can increase its value. One of the most important investments you can make in your home’s comfort is the air conditioning.

If you have been spending a lot of money to repair your old air conditioner and it keeps giving you problems, you might have to accept the fact that it is time to upgrade it. Choosing to replace your old air conditioner is an important decision, and it can be a difficult one considering the number of choices you have in the market today.

We know that it can be overwhelming to decide on the right new air conditioner for your home. This post will tell you about the different types of air conditioners available today to help you make a more well-informed purchase decision for your new AC. And, of course, if you need any help with air conditioning in Richardson, TX, you can always contact us. We’d be more than happy to help.

Different Types of Air Conditioners

Here is a quick look at the features and benefits of different types of air conditioners to help you make an informed decision when you’re upgrading to a new unit.

1. Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is the standard type of system installed in most homes. This system uses an indoor unit that contains the air handler and evaporator coils to work with an external unit that packs the compressor and condenser.

The central air conditioner uses refrigerant flow to remove heat from inside and distribute cooled down air through a series of facts. If you have a large home with multiple rooms that you would like to cool simultaneously, it could be an excellent option to consider.

2. Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split systems use an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and a condenser connected with one or more indoor units. These indoor units are equipped with an air blower and are mounted onto the wall without using ductwork to distribute the cold air. These units are connected to the external unit through tubing that circulates the cold air and refrigerant to cool the air.

If your home does not have a network of ducts installed, or you want better energy efficiency, or simply want to cool a portion of your house, going for a ductless mini-split system could be the best way to go.

3. Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

A hybrid system combines a gas furnace with an electric heat pump to deliver cost-effective heating in the winters and cooling in the summers. Depending on the outdoor temperature, the system will automatically switch from burning propane to heat the indoor air to using electricity to cool the air.

The electric heat pump pulls the hot air from inside your home during the summer and takes it outside. The process is reversed during the winter to keep your home cool. If the outdoor temperature is too cold for the heat pump to work efficiently, the system turns on the furnace to provide more effective heating.

4. Heat Pump

A heat pump is effectively the same as a dual fuel air conditioner, but it comes without the furnace. The heat pump relies on refrigerant flow in one direction to transfer the heat from inside your house outside during the summer to keep your home cool. During the winters, the heat pump transfers the heat from outside into your house to keep your home warm.

Are You Ready to Replace Your Old Air Conditioner?

Understanding the features and benefits of different air conditioner types can help you find the most suitable system to invest in so that your home can be cool and comfortable during the summers. If you need more help in trying to match your home’s cooling requirements with the right type of air conditioner, we would be more than happy to help at Republic Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Contact Republic Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. when you’re ready to replace your AC. Revolutionizing the Customer Experience.

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