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How Your Ducts Can Worsen Your Winter Comfort and Energy Bills

Did you know that your ductwork has the potential to have a greater impact on your home’s comfort than your actual heating system itself? This is because no matter how well your heater operates, if air is lost in your ductwork then all of the efficiency in the world doesn’t matter.

If you think that heat is being lost before reaching the walls of your home, it may be time to schedule HVAC duct repair in Red Oak, TX. Our team can assess your ductwork to see if it is the reason for a lack of overall comfort in your home. You can keep reading to learn more about the impact of ductwork to your home comfort and heater’s energy efficiency.

Role of Ducts

Unless you have a ductless mini split system, your central heating and cooling units are connected to a network of ducts. During the summer, your air conditioner or heat pump produces cold air to blow through these ducts. Then in the winter your heating system does the same with warm air. 

However, ductwork can have a variety of problems that contribute to a loss of heat. And if heat does not reach your home and increase the temperature, your heater will just run longer in an attempt to meet your heating expectations. This can result in much higher energy costs as your heater works harder and stays on longer to produce more heat.

Potential Duct Problems

It’s possible for your ductwork to lack insulation that keeps heat inside. Without enough insulation, heat can escape your ducts before the air blows out into your home—even without any holes in the ductwork. Insulation keeps more of the heat inside by trapping it so that it cannot escape.

Air can also escape from holes in the ductwork material or broken seals between the ductwork joints. Losing even a small amount of heated air can increase your energy costs significantly as your heater continues working harder. Heat that escapes and does not reach your home prevents the temperature inside from increasing as quickly as it should. Your thermostat will continue signaling for your HVAC system to stay on or turn on more often to provide heat. 


One additional problem that can result from holes in your ductwork is a buildup of dust and dirt inside the ducts. Our team can complete a duct inspection to determine if a lack of insulation or ductwork holes are affecting your home’s heat levels. We can add additional insulation if we think it will help elevate energy efficiency.

We can also pressurize your ductwork to test for a loss of air, identify holes, and then fix them. You should have a ductwork inspection completed every three to five years. This is about how long it takes for dust, dirt, and holes to have an impact on your heating and cooling efficiency.

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