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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Our Top Tips to Help Your AC Work More Efficiently


HVAC systems require expert care … literally. Only certified professionals can work on air conditioners because of the specialized components like refrigerant and electrical connections. For that reason, you can’t do a whole lot on your own to inspect or repair your AC independently.

But there are things you can do to protect your air conditioner from unnecessary wear and tear. If you want to improve your AC’s energy efficiency and extend the life of your unit, we have some tips to help. Then, when you’re ready for expert AC services in Red Oak, TX, you can give our team a call. 

Change the Temperature

So many homeowners cringe when we tell them to set their thermostat temperature higher or lower. In the summer, you should set your thermostat to around 78°F. This makes your home slightly warmer, but still enjoyably cooler than the weather outside.

Similarly, in the winter you should set the thermostat slightly lower so that your home isn’t as warm. Just a few degrees differences can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bill. Plus, you’re reducing the wear and tear on your HVAC system so that it lasts longer.

Use Ceiling Fans Year-Round

In the summer, your ceiling fans create airflow around you that makes your body feel cooler than the actual temperature. You can set your thermostat higher and still enjoy feeling cool. In the winter, your ceiling fans help to push down heat that tends to rise up and pool at the ceilings. This reduces the amount of heat your HVAC system needs to disperse to make you feel comfortably warm.

Change Your Air Filter on Time

When you purchase an air filter, it has a rating for how long it will last before needing to be changed. For most air filters, that time is around a month. Waiting even a few days past the month can lead to dust and dirt entering your HVAC system. Over time, dust and dirt reduce lubrication and lead to parts grinding together instead of operating smoothly.

In fact, if you can, then you should change your air filter slightly more frequently than is necessary. This ensures that the air filters are always working at their best without ever getting clogged. It’s especially important to change your air filter often if you have kids and pets because you likely have more dirt and germs getting tracked through your home.

Keep in mind that these tips may not seem like they add up to a lot of savings on a single month’s energy bill. But when you add up the savings over the life of the unit you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You’re also extending the life of your unit by taking good care of it so it lasts even longer. 

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