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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Short Cycling: What It Is and How to Fix It

Is your air conditioner short cycling? This is a problem that we see pop up during the latter part of the summer. The heat here in Dallas is no joke, and you rely on your air conditioner heavily to keep your home cool. We know that any air conditioning problem that you experience is a real drag—your options are to either avoid the problem and risk a system breakdown to schedule an air conditioning repair appointment and spend a lot of money on your AC system.

If you’re looking for great AC repair in Richardson, TX, we can be of service to you. Our experts are trained, certified, and knowledgeable when it comes to short cycling. We’ll whip your home in shape!

What’s Short Cycling?

This is something that people normally recognize as a problem, but instead of acting on it, they let it go on for a while because it isn’t outwardly affecting your cooling services. Just because short cycling isn’t affecting your air conditioning now doesn’t mean that it won’t be a problem in the near future. Trust us when we say that short cycling is a big problem.

Let’s start at the beginning. We need to understand what short cycling is before we dissect further issues. Short cycling is an industry term to describe the process of your air conditioner turn on, running for a short amount of time, stopping, and then turning on again shortly after.

Why Short Cycling is Terrible for Your AC

If you take a quick search online you’ll find thousands of articles about short cycling emphasizing the terrible effect it has on your air conditioning system, but a lot of articles leave out one important aspect—why? We’re here to answer that today.

Short cycling is such a problem in your home because the start-up process is the most strenuous part of your air conditioning process. Your air conditioner should have to start up more than a couple times an hour. If your air conditioner has to undergo this aspect of the cycle too often, it will really wear down the function of this system fast. Short cycling will cost you more money because it starts up so often, shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning system because it’s so labor-intensive, and increase your likelihood of a breakdown because of the strain that it puts on your system. Don’t let this go on for too long. Contact our team today.

Why This Happens

Now let’s answer the other “why.” Wondering why short cycling happens is proactive. Understanding why this has happened can help you prevent trouble in the future. The trouble with this is that short cycling can happen for a few different reasons including the following:

  • You have a frozen evaporator coil
  • You have an oversized air conditioning system
  • You have a clogged air filter
  • Your system is leaking refrigerant
  • You have electrical issues

If you’re currently experiencing short cycling, make sure that you avoid these causes in the future. If you need help rectifying any of these issues, you can contact us today.

Contact Republic Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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