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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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What Qualifies as an Emergency AC Need?

How do you know you need air conditioning repair in Grand Prairie, TX?

Watch for the signs, your AC unit will tell you when it’s in trouble.

However, you have to know what to watch for. Air conditioning units won’t always stop working when they need repair. They might keep limping along and if you’re not paying attention you might be none the wiser.

Unfortunately, the longer this goes on, the more damaged the unit can become — which means a higher repair bill. You might even have to replace the unit altogether!

To help you avoid that extra high bill, here are a few things to watch for. They might not seem like an emergency AC need, but trust us when we say that they could be. Check it out!

1. Stinky Smells

Most people assume that a burning smell means someone left something on the stove. Or a mildew smell might be a rat that crawled into your attic and died.

However, either of these smells could be bad news for your AC unit. There might be an issue with the system overheating that could be a fire hazard. If mold or mildew is built up inside the system, unclean air is circulating through your home and could be making you sick.

2. Moisture and Condensation

Are you noticing unusual condensation or pools of water around the windows or AC unit? These signs of moisture indicate that something is wrong with the AC unit.

It could be a simple problem, like a blocked drain tube. However, it could also be a more serious issue, like a refrigerant leak. In that case, you need to call in the professionals to fix the problem.

3. Warm Air

Does your air conditioner seem to be running like normal, except the air coming from it doesn’t feel cold? The unit may have a coolant leak or need to be recharged. A dirty system could also be the culprit.

Regardless, someone needs to check the unit to figure out what’s wrong if you want cool air to flow once more.

4. Low Airflow

What if your system is running, but there doesn’t seem to be much airflow? The most common cause of this is a dirty air filter.

However, small animals sometimes crawl inside air vents to build their nests. These blockages cause less airflow and can damage the system over time.

Emergency AC Repairs

Any of these issues can be a major cause for concern either immediately or because your unit is being further damaged over time. It’s crucial that you have a qualified technician check your system before it gets worse.

When you need air conditioning repair in Grand Prairie, TX, you need someone you can count on. We offer true 24/7 service — and that means we actually answer the phone outside of normal business hours.

Contact Republic Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for your AC repair. We’re “Revolutionizing the Customer Experience.”

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