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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Why You’re Paying So Much for Cooling

We’ve made it nearly to the end of summer, but something has been bothering you the entire time—the price of your energy bills. Things have just been a little out of whack this season. You’re starting to feel like your energy bills are on a steady rise although no matter what you do.

If nothing has really changed about your air conditioning habits, then you need to invest in AC repair in Waxahachie, TX. We don’t want you to pay an arm and a leg for cooling, it should always be affordable. If it isn’t, then you’re on the right track trying to sniff out an AC problem. We’ll help you identify this issue below.

Why The Bill Is So High

There might be a few reasons why your air conditioning bills have spiked this season. Here are a few:

1.      Bad Ductwork

The first problem that you’re having might be your ductwork. Your ductwork is the lifeline of your home’s HVAC system. This is why it only makes sense that if it’s in bad shape, your cooling will also be in bad shape. The tricky part about bad ductwork is that you might not even notice that it’s affecting your home until your bills spike.

2.      Poor AC Choices

This is where we want you to take a step back and assess how you run your air conditioner. When you come home, do you run straight to the thermostat and turn it down as low as possible? Do you run your air conditioner for a long amount of time? These are signs that you should upgrade.

3.      Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are your air conditioner’s worst nightmare. In some cases, your unit has declined so much that you might need to upgrade to a new system. Our professionals can come out and help you determine if this is the right move for you.

4.      Skipping Maintenance

Don’t skip out on maintenance! This isn’t something that you should ever do. Doing this only allows your air conditioner to decline faster and cost you more in the process.

5.      Poor Installation

It’s definitely time for you to upgrade if you had poor installation. Your air conditioner can’t thrive with a bad foundation. This is why you need to upgrade when it’s appropriate and this is when you should take the next step.

6.      Failing Parts

Have you noticed that certain parts of your HVAC system seem to be failing? Maybe you’re at the point where it feels like you’re replacing a vital part every spring and summer. This is always bad news. This means that your system has significantly declined in efficiency and you might need to invest in a new one.

7.      An Outdated System

If your system is on the older side, you might be sacrificing efficiency. Something that you should always remember is that when you’re sacrificing efficiency, you’re also sacrificing cost. This might not be evident right away, but it will be with a little time. This is why it’s best to upgrade your system.

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