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How Bad Airflow Can Cause Big Problems for Your Furnace

Your furnace has a lot of important components that work together to heat your home. But, it all starts with airflow coming into your system and ends with heated air flowing out of the system. Without good airflow, your furnace can have big problems. 

If your furnace is not working as well as it used to, you may need furnace repair in Cedar Hill, TX. Of course, furnace problems can stem from a variety of issues, but airflow is one that we see often. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of good airflow within your furnace for heating your home.

Air Filter

The first place to look when you suspect that your furnace has airflow problems is the air filter. The vent where your air filter is located is your furnace’s only source of incoming air. The air filter is designed to catch dust, dirt, and other debris to allow only clean air through your furnace. 

However, if the filter gets too full, it can actually block air flow. This can lead to your furnace working even harder to bring air in for heating. Not only does this require more energy which can increase your monthly utility bills, but it can also lead to your furnace overheating from working too hard. 


If your air filter is clean and there is nothing blocking the vent that brings air into your furnace, you want to check your air ducts next. Once air is heated, it enters your ductwork to spread out across the various rooms out of your home. If there are any problems with the ducts, it can impact how well your home gets heated. 

The problem may be that an individual duct for a single room is damaged, leading to one room being cooler or warmer than the others. But there can also be holes throughout your ductwork that are allowing heat to escape before it ever reaches your home. This can lead to a less than comfortable temperature. You may be tempted to set the thermostat temperature higher in an attempt to get your home warmer. This can overheat your furnace as it tries to work harder. 

Blower Motor

Airflow problems can also be blamed on a broken blower motor. Air does not just flow through your furnace on its own. Instead, a blower fan pushes the heated air through your duct system and out through the vents in your home. However, the motor that is attached to this fan can burn out or sustain damage that affects how well it works. 

Sometimes a blower motor just doesn’t work quite as well as it once did. Other times the motor is completely broken and doesn’t work at all. It could be that the fan belt became warped or snapped completely and the fan won’t turn. It’s also possible that individual fan blades got bent or the entire fan piece is loose and affecting how the fan spins. 

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