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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Is It Time for a New Heater?

After getting this far into the winter season, you might notice that you’re having some trouble with your heater. If you have a repair need and you have a dated furnace or a furnace that’s given you lots of troubles in recent years, then you need to ask yourself an important question. Specifically, you need to ask whether you should repair or replace that system.

We know that this is a big decision to make as a homeowner. This is why we’ve made this blog. If you want to figure out if it’s time to upgrade from your current heater, then there are many things you should consider. Here are a few of the ones you should factor in this season. As always, if you leave this blog with further questions, you can always consult with our professionals about your heating in Dallas, TX.

It’s Time to Get a New Heater When…

A Dallas winter isn’t the coldest around by any stretch of the imagination, but it can put your heater to the test. If you relate to any of the following issues below, then we suggest seriously considering an upgrade. It’s likely the best move for you if you have…

A Heater Over the Age of 10

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but if your heater is around the age of 10 or over the age of 10, then it’s reached its golden years. This is the age range where you need to consider replacement efforts. Your heater is only supposed to last about 10-15 years. If you don’t start thinking about what you’re going to replace your current heater with or how you’re going to replace it, then it’s likely that a breakdown will sneak up on you. If you’re ready to discuss heating replacement, then we’ll help you start the discussion today.

Frequent Repair Needs

You shouldn’t have to repair your home’s heater more than once every few years. If you run into problems that necessitate a repair need more often than this, then it’s time to consider replacing your heater. Repairing a heater on a frequent basis means that you’re losing out on money. Although a replacement can be costly, it’s always a better decision to invest in this than to continually repair. Talk to our professionals about financing today. 

The Inability to Get Warm or Stay Warm

Your heater should be able to get your home warm with ease. If you have trouble getting your home to warm up or you have trouble getting your home to stay warm, then it’s time to consider getting yourself a new system. 

High Energy Bills 

Have you noticed that your home’s energy bills are higher than they have been before? Can you pinpoint the reason that this is happening? If you can’t, then it’s more than likely due to a problem with your heater’s sizing or efficiency. Sometimes a repair isn’t going to be able to get the job done. It’s time to consider replacing the unit entirely.

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