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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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5 Signs You Need a Better Heater

We hate to be the one to tell this to you, but it’s time for you to get a new heater. We know that you’ve been thinking about it for a while… you’re not happy with your heater’s operation. What should you do about it though? It’s not so dire that you’re at the point where you need to completely get rid of your current heater. Instead, you just need to call us for heating repair in DeSoto, TX.

Our heating technicians are always here to work on your heating system. If you’re looking for high-quality work, you don’t have to look too far past our team members. We’re going to help you get a better heater without completely swapping out your current heater for a new one.

Several Signs That You Need More

Here are the signs that you need a better heater at home:

Sign 1: A Lack of Warmth

Are you struggling to get warm or stay warm this winter? We know that DeSoto winters get cold, but you should never struggle so much that you feel like your heater isn’t working to its fully capacity. It’s not going to be a hassle when you choose our team members. We’re a skilled team that can come into your home and pinpoint the problem you’re having with ease. The skill we have allows you to get the relief you need faster too.

Sign 2: Foul Odors

There are certain things that you should never tolerate from your heater and any type of foul odor is one of them. Foul odors mean that your home’s heater is in a rapid decline. It could even denote carbon monoxide leaks in extreme cases.

Sign 3: Odd, New, or Loud Sounds

Nothing about your heater should ever be noisy. Another rule of thumb that you should have when considering your heater is that not much about it should ever be “new.” Your hater isn’t something that should ever learn new tricks. If you can describe a sound in your home as odd, new, or loud, then you should definitely get service from our team.

Sign 4: High Heating Bills

If your heating bills have increased without a clear cause, then it means that you’re struggling with your heating efficiency. You shouldn’t just note this problem and try to keep it moving. This problem is going to get worse the more often that you use your heater. High heating bills denote an impending problem.

Sign 5: Poor Indoor Air Quality

So you’ve noticed that your home’s indoor air quality isn’t everything it used to be. Honestly speaking, the problems didn’t really pop up before the winter season. As time has marched on and the weather has gotten colder, you’ve started to notice that your indoor air quality has gotten even worse.

This is a sign that your home’s furnace is the thing causing your home’s poor indoor air quality. We’re here to help with exactly what you need. Don’t ignore signs like dust, dirt, or soot appearing anywhere in your home.

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