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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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The Best Ways to Improve Your IAQ

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Spring is in the air… and so is pollen. What are you doing to improve your indoor air quality?

We know that you might not immediately associate the two with each other. Pollen is a problem with the air outdoors and your indoor air is separate from this. Although they aren’t immediately related, the air in your house may not always be as clean and clear as you need it to be. Allergy season can seep into your home and become an issue if you’re not careful. We care about your HVAC services in Grand Prairie, TX, and we understand how to give you a comprehensive approach. Contact us for your indoor air quality services in our area.

How to Help Your Indoor Air Quality

Here are a couple of things you can do to help your home’s indoor air quality this spring season.

1.      HRV or ERV Systems

We like to start off with these systems when we’re talking about IAQ options because not all homeowners know about them. HRV and ERV systems are the systems that you need when your home is stuffy, but you’re not in a place where it’s smart to open a window.

This happens a lot during this time of year. It’s hot outside, you’ve got your AC going, and you realize that you haven’t opened any of your windows in quite some time now. Your entire home is starting to feel like a shoebox. You don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, though. An HRV and ERV system allows you to bring fresh air into your home without sacrificing temperature.

2.      Dehumidifiers or Humidifiers

Having great indoor air quality isn’t all about having clean air, it’s also about having balanced air. Your humidity should hang around 30% to 50%. If you out of this range, then it’s important to equip your home with either a dehumidifier or humidifier. We’ll help you make the choice.

3.      Air Filters or Air Purifiers

Air filters and air purifiers are in charge of keeping your home clean. They’re like the security outside your front door keeping the riff-raff that is pollen, dander, and debris from ruining your good time. Investing in an air filter or purifier is a big decision that can be made easier by our experts. Contact us for our expertise.

4.      Duct Cleaning

Your ducts are in charge of distributing all of the conditioned air in your home. This is a big responsibility and it can be a dirty one. Your ducts can become dirty because your indoor air carries pet dander, dirt, pollen, and more. You should have your ducts cleaned every few years in order to combat this.

5.      Insulation

There’s no point in having a great air conditioner without proper insulation. One of the problems that you’ll have is efficiency. The other problem you’ll have is poor indoor air quality. All your cool air will slip out and contaminants will slip in. You might even deal with increased humidity too. Make sure that your space is properly insulated and sealed this spring.

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