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Duct Sealing: The Key to Better Energy Efficiency

You can have the most energy-efficient, high-functioning heater ever, but faulty duct sealing will cost you money every time. You may think that if your home is comfortable, you don’t have any major problems. But holes in your ductwork can allow heat to escape in the winter and cost you more on your monthly energy bills.

If you suspect that you need duct sealing in Lancaster, TX, our team can help you. Duct sealing is a fairly simple process, but it’s extremely important. In fact, it’s the key to better energy efficiency for your heating system. You can keep reading to learn more about why duct sealing is so important for your home. 

Understanding Duct Sealing

Perhaps the biggest question about the sealing is: Why is duct sealing so important? Your home’s HVAC system is made up of many components that have to work together to heat and cool your home. When ductwork is installed, it is a system of individual pieces that connect together to fit your home’s unique design. 

Ducts are laid out to be able to reach all of your rooms and heat your home evenly. Then, all of those individual pieces get connected together, using adhesive tape specially made to seal ductwork. Leaks in these seals happen when:

  • Connections are not secure around the events
  • Sections of duct work shift around
  • Ductwork gets damaged somehow
  • Ductwork joints become loose 

Risks of Duct Leaks

You may not think that leaks in your ductwork are a huge deal, but they are. In the winter, hot air leaks before it ever reaches your home. Yet your thermostat is still measuring the temperature inside, and so your heater is having to work extra to deliver warm air where it needs to go. Essentially, your heater is battling against ductwork leaks and loss of air. You are paying to heat spaces in your attic that you aren’t even using. 

These leaks are also costing you a lot of energy waste. You may notice that your energy bills are creeping up month after month. The problem with leaky air ducts is that the holes can spread quickly. As air begins to come in through a pinprick hole, the damage begins to spread. Holes get larger and new ones pop up. Of course, it’s normal for your HVAC system to experience wear and tear over time, so ductwork holes aren’t particularly alarming. It’s just a matter of calling in the experts to reseal your ductwork and fix the problem. 

And it’s not just about your comfort. If there are holes in your ductwork, it can also affect your indoor air quality. Heat may be escaping through these holes, but dust, dirt and allergens can also get in through the same holes. No matter what your HVAC system filters out, particles can still enter your home through leaky ductwork. They build up inside the ducts and then blow into your home as warm air passes through. In fact, one of the top signs of ductwork leaks is noticing your home is more dusty than usual. 

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