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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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How a Home ERV System Saves You Money

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No matter what type of air conditioner or heater you have in your home, you may be wishing for more fresh air. When the weather is nice outside, you may find yourself opening doors and windows to let in the outdoor air. An ERV system does that work for you. 

ERV is short for energy recovery ventilator. The system is a whole house ventilator that brings in fresh air to heat and cool your home as well as helping to maintain a healthy humidity level indoors. If you’re interested in ERV (energy recovery ventilator) systems in Dallas, Texas, our team can help. Learn more about how an energy recovery ventilator works and how it can be beneficial for your home and family.

Save on Energy Costs

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an ERV system are the energy savings. In fact, it’s right in the name: energy recovery ventilator. An ERV doesn’t replace your HVAC unit. Instead, you use an energy recovery ventilator alongside your existing air conditioner and heater. The ERV helps to reduce the strain on your other systems so they can work more efficiently to heat and cool. In addition to offering energy savings, it can also help you save over the life of your HVAC system by extending its life. 

Better Health

An ERV system also helps to improve your home’s indoor air quality. And that’s also in the name: energy recovery ventilator. If you want to reduce the number of contaminants that are inside your home, an ERV system is a great way to do that. Fresh air circulating into your home can help with getting the stale air out. 

Better Ventilation

You have to think about humidity all year round. In the summer, humidity levels can be too high, making the air unbearably hot. In the winter, humidity levels can be too low and result in temperatures feeling colder than they really are. 

An ERV system helps you to balance out humidity levels by decreasing humidity in the summer, and increasing humidity in the winter. Ideally, you want to have 30% to 50% humidity inside your home, depending on your individual needs. You can choose a humidity setting and your energy recovery ventilator system will maintain those levels.

Fewer Odors

An ERV also improves your indoor air quality by removing odors from the air. If you have bad smells from kids that play sports or pets that shed around your home, an energy recovery ventilator can help. It can also help with smells that come from everyday tasks like cooking and garbage cans. 

Energy recovery ventilator systems are different than other indoor air purifiers because they bring in fresh air from the outside. Other purifiers work to remove contaminants from the existing indoor air and then recirculating it. That’s fine, but it doesn’t do anything to bring in new, fresh air if that’s important to you.

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