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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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An HVAC Air Filter Isn’t Enough—Here’s Why!

You hear people talking about indoor air quality, but you may not think much about it for your own home. You have an HVAC system with a filter that takes care of your air quality, right? Not exactly. Your air filter does remove some larger particles of dust and dirt, but it can only do so much to improve your indoor air quality.

There are still contaminants in your air like viruses, bacteria, and allergens. If you want to invest in air filtration systems in Dallas, TX, our team can help. We can assess your indoor air quality and offer you the results. Then we can create a customized solution to fit your family’s needs. After all, your HVAC air filter isn’t enough on its own, and here’s why…

Whole-Home Air Purifier

If you want to improve your indoor air quality more than your air filter allows, then a whole-house air purifier is your best bet. There are also smaller air purifiers that you can purchase from stores and plug into a single room of your home. But this smaller air purifier will only do so much for your air.

Plug-in air purifiers are usually only rated to clean the air in a single room, or maybe two. But you want to have the cleanest air possible in all of your rooms. Sure, you can purchase an air purifier for every room, but then they’ll each take up space. Plus, by the time you buy individual air purifiers, you could just invest in a whole-home air purifier.

Signs Of Poor Air Quality

How do you know if you need an air purifier? Well, most people do. You’re not doing anything wrong, but you naturally carry in germs, dust, and dirt when you walk inside your home. No matter how much you clean the surfaces in your home, the air can still be dirty. Signs of poor air quality include:

  • Needing to wipe down surfaces more often because there always seems to be a layer of dust
  • Having allergy, asthma, or illness symptoms that seem to be getting worse
  • Noticing condensation inside your home on walls or windows, which can also indicate that you have high humidity
  • Smelling unusual odors, especially when your AC unit is running, which can indicate that there is mold or mildew growth

Whole-House Air Purifier Benefits

When you invest in a whole-house air purifier you can reap many benefits. Air purifiers quickly pay for themselves just by improving your health. But whole-house air purifiers also offer other benefits:

  • Cost efficiency – Your air purifier doesn’t require a lot of energy to run. It may even save you money by making your air conditioner more energy efficient. 
  • Convenience – You don’t have to worry about plugging in another device or having something on the floor taking up space. Whole-house air purifiers fit directly inside your existing HVAC unit. 
  • Consistency – You will enjoy great air quality all year round. This includes during cold and flu season when lots of germs are spreading. 

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