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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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You Need IAQ Help

We’re looking you right in the eye and talking to you. Of course, we say this with love. We want to help you improve your indoor air quality.

We’re sure that 2020 made you reconsider some things. You probably value your home a lot more, have pulled your loved ones in a lot closer, and maybe you’ve even reconsidered your indoor air quality and personal health. We can help you improve your home’s indoor air quality. We’re here to help out with your HVAC services in Grand Prairie, TX. We’re going to walk you through what you need to know, your options, and any details that you should keep in mind for the future.

The Signs That You Need IAQ Help

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) doesn’t just refer to smoky air. There are plenty of indicators that you may be struggling with poor home’s IAQ:

  • Excessive amounts of dust all throughout your home
  • Dry skin, hair, or nails
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Exacerbated allergy symptoms
  • You’re coughing and sneezing constantly
  • Cold and flu symptoms seem to last all year

These are the signs that you should get in touch with us for indoor air quality work. We’re going to help you find the best possible IAQ solution for your home.

Your Options

Yes, you’ve got options. We’ve provided the information you need to know before you jump into anything.

Not sure what the best option for your home is? You don’t have to come to us knowing exactly which system you need. We’re the experts, which means we can help you figure out what system will work the best for you.

Air Filters and Air Purifiers

These are typically the entry-level devices to clean up your home’s indoor air. Just because they’re commonly something that people choose as their first introduction to the indoor air quality world doesn’t mean that they’re not effective.

If you have contaminants in your home, an air filtration system or an air purifier can help. Air filters are perfect if you have commonplace indoor air quality problems like dust or fur. These are small particles that a high-quality air filter can capture. Air purifiers are great if you’d like to sanitize your air on top of this.

Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Your home’s moisture balance is important. You want your home’s moisture balance to be between 30% and 50%. If it dips below 30%, your home is going to be dry and uncomfortable. If your home’s humidity rises above 50%, you’re going to have your home feeling swampy. Humidifiers can be a great solution in winter to combat dry air while dehumidifiers are perfect to reduce excess humidity in summer.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are the systems that you need if you’re struggling with ventilating your home. If you have a home that always feels stuffy, stale, and uncomfortable, these may be the perfect solution for you.

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are two similar systems. They both cycle fresh air into the house without sacrificing the temperature of your home. Energy recovery ventilators are for you if you’d also like to balance the moisture in your home as well.

Contact us for indoor air quality work this winter. Revolutionizing the Customer Experience.

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