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Furnace Burners Aren’t Igniting? Here Are Some Possible Reasons

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Heating problems are a major headache. You never want to face a furnace issue that means your home is not receiving heat on the coldest days of winter. And when your furnace burners are not igniting as they should, you need to schedule furnace repair in Lancaster, TX.

You may be tempted to do a quick search online to find a DIY fix for the problem, but we encourage you to leave heating repair up to the professionals. Before you give our team a call for furnace issues, you can keep reading to learn more about the reasons that may contribute to burners not igniting during heating cycles to provide heat for your home.

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The Best Benefits of Having an Energy or Heat Recovery Ventilator

Monday, August 14th, 2023

If you have been looking for ways to boost your HVAC performance and indoor air quality, we have just the solution. Energy recovery ventilators and heat recovery ventilators are systems that you can install in addition to your existing HVAC system as a way to boost overall performance. 

Our team of experts knows all about energy recovery ventilators in Lancaster, TX. We can answer all of your questions and offer an in-home assessment to go over how an ERV would work inside your home. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about these unique systems, how they work, and the benefits they offer.

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These Sounds Spell Disaster for Your Air Conditioner

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Some air conditioner sounds are completely normal as a part of every day operation. But other AC sounds can mean major problems if you don’t get them addressed quickly. The question is, which sounds are OK to hear and which sounds are bad?

When you understand how your air conditioner operates, and know what to listen for, you can identify problems early on before they lead to air conditioner damage. If you hear any of the sounds below, give our team a call for AC repair in Lancaster, TX. Keep reading to learn more about the sounds that mean it’s time to call in the experts. 

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Duct Sealing: The Key to Better Energy Efficiency

Monday, February 27th, 2023

You probably don’t give your ductwork much thought since it is out of sight either in your attic or in your basement. But your ductwork plays a crucial part and how well your HVAC system can heat and cool your home. Duct sealing is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency, while also making your home more comfortable.

Duct sealing offers many benefits for your home, including energy efficiency. If you’re interested in duct sealing in Lancaster, TX, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can learn more about the benefits of duct sealing and why it’s a great investment for your home and family. 

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Duct Sealing: The Key to Better Energy Efficiency

Monday, January 30th, 2023

You can have the most energy-efficient, high-functioning heater ever, but faulty duct sealing will cost you money every time. You may think that if your home is comfortable, you don’t have any major problems. But holes in your ductwork can allow heat to escape in the winter and cost you more on your monthly energy bills.

If you suspect that you need duct sealing in Lancaster, TX, our team can help you. Duct sealing is a fairly simple process, but it’s extremely important. In fact, it’s the key to better energy efficiency for your heating system. You can keep reading to learn more about why duct sealing is so important for your home. 

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This is a Troubling AC Sign

Monday, October 12th, 2020

It’s finally fall in Texas. You wouldn’t know by the weather lately, right? Don’t fret though, the weather that requires your heater is right around the corner. That’s why you need to make sure your air conditioner is squared away before this weather gets here. We know that you probably have your sights set on cold weather, warm sweaters, and the holidays ahead, but trust us when we say that it’s important to keep your air conditioner in pristine condition.

We heavily rely on our air conditioner’s in this part of Texas. Call us for AC repair in Lancaster, TX. We’re going to make sure that your air conditioner is ready for next spring. We’re going to take care of these repairs in a flash too.

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