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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area

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Let Freedom Ring Repair Guarantee

Let Freedom Ring

Get Peace of Mind Through Our Let Freedom Ring Repair Guarantee

At Republic, our job is to educate you about your AC or heating system and then you can exercise your Freedom to decide what the best repair is for your family.   If you would like to better understand your AC or heating system and get multiple repair options to consider, then you can trust Republic, with over 50 years of service repair experience, to “Revolutionize Your Customer Experience.” 

Guarantee #1*

If you decide to move forward with one of our presented options, we will repair your AC or Heat the right way and then Guarantee NO AC or heating system breakdown for 6 Months!

  • We guarantee this repair will not break down within 6 months of installation.
  • If your home comfort system does falter within 6 months, we will come back and fix the issue FOR FREE!
  • If we can’t fix it or the parts are not available, we will offer that repair amount as credit towards a new system upgrade.  

 We know replacing your AC or heating system isn’t always in the budget, so that is why we train our technicians for over 200 hours throughout the year. This helps them to make an accurate diagnosis, minimize your repair cost and get your AC or heating system back to cooling faster!!

Guarantee #2*

 Repair your system today, push off that costly system replacement and rewind the time when you’re ready to upgrade.

  • Give us a Ring to rewind the time (up to 2 years later), and we will apply the repair cost (up to $1,500.00) towards a new system. 

 Maintain your Freedom to do what feels right and works for your budget NOW!

 *Our qualified technician will educate you about the current condition of your home comfort system. If appropriate, our technician will present you with repair options to consider, depending on the results of their diagnosis/investigation. 

*The "Let Freedom Ring Repair Guarantee" is only valid if you choose one of Republic’s "Guaranteed Options to Consider". 

**Rewind the Time System replacement is up to 2 years and only valid for the system that was repaired.   

Certain Major System Components Not Covered: Compressor failure, Evaporative Coil failure, Refrigerant Leaks and Heat Exchangers

Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area