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Serving the Greater Dallas & Ellis County Area
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Why Your Heat Pump Might Be Only Blowing Out Warm Air

If you switched your heat pump over to cooling and aren’t experiencing the results you expect, it may be time to schedule a heat pump service in Dallas, TX. There are a variety of things that could contribute to your heat pump only blowing warm air instead of cool air. 

And our team can help you get down to the root of the problem and fix it so that it doesn’t happen again. Keep reading to learn more about heat pump problems that may contribute to blowing warm air even when you have your thermostat set to cool. 

Thermostat Settings

Before you jump to any conclusions about your heat pump being broken, it is important to check your thermostat. It’s possible that the settings got bumped and changed on accident. Verify that your thermostat is set to cool and not heat. If the lever is set to heat, your air conditioner will not blow cool air no matter how low you set the temperature. 

If your AC is in fact set to cooling, you can try lowering the temperature a degree or two to see if it will trigger your heat pump to turn on for a cooling cycle. If this works—great news! If it doesn’t, you can give our team a call to check out the problem. We will first try troubleshooting your thermostat to see if it needs to be recalibrated. Then we will move to looking at your heat pump, locating the source of the problem and fixing it so you don’t have to worry about it again in the future. 

Stuck Reversing Valve

If everything checks out with your thermostat, it’s time to take a look at the reversing valve. It’s possible that the reversing valve is stuck in heating mode and won’t switch over to cooling. Sometimes, our team can troubleshoot this by cleaning your reversing valve and getting it in good working order again. 

But it is most common for reversing valves to go out with age, so if your heat pump is older, then it may just need to be replaced with a new component. This is usually a very affordable fix and will get your heat pump back to working at its best again.

Refrigerant Leak

It’s also possible that your heat pump has a refrigerant leak. Without adequate refrigerant, your heat pump simply cannot keep up with cooling the air. Our team can check the refrigerant lines to identify the source of the leak, fix it, and then recharge your refrigerant. 

Duct Leaks

Other times, the air coming from your vents simply has a weak air flow that makes it feel less than cool. If this is the case, you may have leaks in your ductwork that are allowing cold air to escape. As a result, the air coming from your vents may not feel as cold as it should. We can pressurize your ductwork to identify leaks and reseal any holes to prevent leaks from happening again in the future.

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