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Signs That It’s Time for a Furnace Replacement

Your furnace has the potential for a long lifespan. But there comes a time when your furnace stops working as well as it used to and needs to be replaced. Ideally, you’ll invest in a replacement furnace before your current unit stops working completely.

But how do you know when that time is? We’re highlighting some of the common signs that can indicate it’s time to think about a furnace replacement. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs so you know when it’s time to schedule an appointment for furnace replacement in Red Oak, TX.

Unusual Sounds

Your furnace makes a few sounds here and there, but they should never be alarming or annoying. For example, you may hear a few clicks when your furnace first turns on. You may also hear a general rattling as the ductwork adjusts to temperature changes. 

But any loud booms, shrieks, and scraping sounds should be addressed quickly because they could indicate major problems. Persistent clicking and rattling can also mean that something is wrong with your furnace. It may be struggling to turn on for a heating cycle or have small components that are loose.

Bad Odors

The air that blows out of your furnace should never smell bad. If it does, schedule service for the unit right away. Bad odors can indicate dangerous problems like loose electrical wires that are causing fire hazards or carbon monoxide leaks. It’s equally possible that a bad odor could indicate mold and mildew growth in the system. The spores are being carried into your home as heat blows out and may smell musty.

Lack of Heating

If your heater is not producing hot air, something is wrong. But there are many times that a heater is still blowing air that is warm enough to keep your home comfortable. But if the air is not specifically hot, you need to call and get the issue checked out. 

It’s possible something small is wrong that can be addressed easily. If you wait, your heater may stop producing heat or turning on at all. It’s easy to be tempted to wait and see if the problem gets better, but heater problems improve without professional care.

Inconsistent Operation

Pay attention to how your furnace operates when it is cycling normally. This can help you identify when your furnace is having problems. For example, your furnace should operate with standard cycles. If it begins to turn on and off over and over again or turns on and stays on, that means that it is unable to operate correctly. Either a safety sensor is causing it to shut off early, or something is preventing it from turning off when it should.

Furnace Age

Even without any of the signs above, the age of your furnace can be an indication that it is time to make an upgrade. Most furnaces will last for around 15 years. Some can last even less time if they are not well cared for.

Even without any operating problems, your furnace may be getting more expensive as it loses efficiency with age. If your older furnace is causing higher energy costs, that is another reason to look at making an upgrade.

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