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What a Humidifier Can Do for You This Winter

Winter necessitates a furnace for heating. But the heated air is dry, which lowers humidity. The dry air becomes a high moisture absorbent from the body and other gadgets near the home.

Dry air complicates blowing out or coughing up mucus. This increases your likelihood of health risks, including flu, cold, chronic dry skin, and other infection lingering for much longer.

In winter, areas like Dallas, TX, tend to be dry with low humidity levels. Hence, using a humidifier in Dallas, TX, is necessary for health improvement and comfort.

For example, whole-house humidifiers aid in moisturizing your throat, nasal passages, and lungs. Also, Humidifiers are handy in soothing coughs, among other benefits that include: 

Prevention of Airborne Viruses

Viruses and bacteria spread fast in dry air. Moisture makes germs heavy to float in the air. Hence, using a humidifier during winter reduces their spread. Increasing indoor humidity above 43% renders about 85% of airborne viruses ineffective.

In a moist environment, germs drop off after combining with moisture. Primarily, flu-related infections are reduced significantly. Therefore, having a whole-house humidifier in Dallas, TX, significantly prevents disease spread.

Asthma Prevention

Dry air in winter carries allergens that trigger asthma. Dust and infectious bacteria/ viruses increase asthmatic attack risks. Due to dry air, adults and children with asthma are prone to respiratory infections in the winter months. Humidifiers can even be efficient in easing breathing for asthmatic individuals.

Dry Skin Prevention

During winter, the air is cold and dry. This sucks moisture from the skin. Thus, the skin becomes prone to dryness, dullness, premature aging, and flaking. Hence, humidifiers are crucial in preventing the problem in the winter months.

Furnace-heated air in winter has excessively low humidity levels. Using whole-house humidifiers increase air humidity and maintain valuable skin moisture. This prevents harmful skin effects and promotes vibrant skin maintenance.

Humidifiers prevent skin moisture loss, reducing dry, itchy skin susceptibility.

Prevent Snoring

Mouth-breathers struggle with dryness, more so in sleep. During winter, the cold, dry air increases dryness susceptibility. The use of whole-house humidifiers can increase air moisture for a more comfortable sleep.

Dryness increases snoring due to throat irritation. Running a humidifier maintains a moist throat. This prevents irritations, thus reducing snoring.

Preventing Wood Damage

Due to moisture loss, dry air destroys wooden doors, floors, furniture, and crown molding. This could increase repair or replacement costs. Using a whole-house humidifier prevents wood damage in your home.

Overall Health Improvement

Winter months have increased susceptibility for airborne transmissions. Humidifiers increase humidity levels preventing skin irritation. Skin irritation is often an outcome of dryness. In addition, humid environments promote the health of airways and nasal passages. This reduces your susceptibility to flu or cold.

The whole-house humidifiers increase air humidity. This opens the nasal passage letting mucus flow easily. As a result, breathing is less troublesome. Using a humidifier reduces air contaminants that trigger asthma or allergies.

Winter takes a toll on health due to harsh cold, dry air. But, with our whole-house modifiers, you are good to go.

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