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Should You Have a Dehumidifier Installed?


When you live in the south you can plan on two things during the summer – heat and humidity. No matter how hot it gets, it always feels hotter when the humidity levels are higher than 50%. The same goes for winter. Even though we don’t usually experience extremely cold weather conditions, humidity can make it feel even colder than it really is. And it’s not just about how you feel. High humidity levels can also impact your health negatively, too.

While you can’t change the humidity outside, you can control the humidity levels inside your home with a dehumidifier. This type of system helps remove moisture from the air so you can choose the humidity level that is comfortable for you. Learn why a dehumidifier is beneficial for your home and your health. When you’re ready for whole-house dehumidifier installation in Dallas, give us a call.

A Whole-House Dehumidifier Complements Your HVAC

Your home’s HVAC unit does have the ability to remove some humidity from the air. But when humidity levels are at their highest, your unit simply cannot keep up because it wasn’t designed to dehumidify that intensely. It was designed to primarily cool the air which, naturally, involves some level of dehumidification. Indoor humidity levels can still remain high even with your unit running around the clock.

This puts strain on your HVAC unit in the summer because it is working against high humidity levels to cool your home. So not only is your unit working harder, but it’s also running for longer hours with lesser results. Your HVAC unit is taking on more wear and tear, your energy bill is costing more, and your home is still warmer than you want. 

A dehumidifier works alongside your HVAC unit to alleviate some of the strain and offer better results. You can extend the life of your HVAC while also lowering your monthly energy bills. You can quickly recuperate the expense of a whole-house dehumidifier installation when you take these expenses into account. 

Controlled Humidity Can Improve Your Health

High humidity levels can lead to overheating more easily. It can also make you feel less energetic. Humidity can also lead to additional allergens like mold and mildew being airborne. This can irritate your lungs and sinuses, and may even end up impacting your sleep quality.

Aside from short-term discomforts, dealing with these symptoms over months and years can weaken your immune system and lead to greater health problems.

Controlled Humidity Protects Your Home

Mold and mildew can affect your home in the same ways they affect your health. Mold and mildew can grow in hidden spaces of your home, leading to damage that you don’t know about until it’s a big problem. What’s more, mold spores can eventually make residents in the home sick.

When you control the humidity in your home, you protect the structure and your belongings from mold and mildew damage.

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