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If You Hear These Sounds from Your AC, It’s Okay!


You may have wondered what noises from your AC indicate that something is wrong. But what about knowing what sounds from your AC are OK to hear? It’s equally important to know what sounds are common AC sounds so that you know how to identify when something is wrong.

There are five sounds that are completely normal to hear coming from your AC. Each sound has a reason behind it. When you understand how your AC works you can better understand and identify each sound as either normal or a sign that something is wrong. If you think you need AC repair in Dallas, TX, give our team a call.

Humming AC Sounds

Humming is one of the most common sounds to hear coming from your AC. A humming sound signals that your AC unit is beginning a cooling cycle. First, your home’s thermostat signals that the temperature is high enough that it needs to be cooled. Then the motor of the air compressor begins running to apply pressure to the liquid refrigerant. 

After that, the liquid refrigerant changes into a hot gas to cycle the heat exchange. Hearing the hum of the air compressor motor means that you should feel cool air blowing from the vents. If you don’t feel cool air, that’s a sign that something may be wrong with your AC unit.

Blowing AC Sounds

Another common sound to hear coming from your AC is blowing. A fan blows to move the cool air through the ducts and out of the vents. You will likely hear blowing after the humming of the air compressor begins. The sound of blowing should be smooth, steady, and not too loud. The sound should fade into the background as white noise.

Sound of Water

It’s easy to think that the sound of water is a red flag if you don’t understand how an AC works. But hearing water periodically isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing! If you’ve ever seen a window AC unit, you may have noticed water dripping outside. Your whole-house AC unit works similarly, but the water drains differently and collects along the evaporator coil. As your AC runs, it works to remove some humidity from the air. As moisture condensates, it exits through your AC’s drainage system.

Rattling AC Sounds

A majority of your AC’s ductwork is made of a flexible plastic or material called duct board. But there is one area where the ductwork is metal, and that’s inside the indoor AC cabinet. This thin sheet metal changes shape slightly when you heat or cool your home. When your AC unit is on, you may hear the metal portion of ductwork rattling as it expands or contracts. The rattling sound shouldn’t happen for long. If rattling persists, then your ductwork may be loose.

Clicking Sounds

When your AC unit cycles down from cooling, you may hear a clicking sound. Clicking happens when the compressor motor begins to stop. Hearing clicking sounds at other times may indicate that something is wrong. If you’re concerned about a clicking sound from your AC, pay attention to when it happens. You can always reach out for an expert opinion if you have doubts.

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